What is Propolis and what are the benefits?

What is Propolis?

As the name of propolis implies, it means protective or police… It’s a natural miracle, a source of healing produced by bees from flowers… A significant portion of the content of propolis is flavonoid. Propolis has very rich content, such as polyphenols, phenolic acids, terpenes, steroids, minarets, amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, C and E even though we can not fully appreciate the value of Propolis. We love honey but we do not consume Propolis as much as we consume natural honey.

Yes, we know you’ll be amazed when you hear of Propolis’s benefits because this product is literally a source of healing.

What are the benefits of Propolis?

Good for intestinal problems:

According to the researches, Propolis has been proven to prevent the growth of parasites in our intestines and it is beneficial for removing them from the intestine.

It helps in the treatment of ulcers.

Just like for the intestines, propolis helps the removal of harmful bacteria in the stomach thanks to the effects that prevent the formation of acids. It is therefore also useful in the treatment of ulcers.

It is frequently used in oral health treatments.

We know that propolis has antibacterial properties. Nowadays, there are many kinds of toothpaste containing propolis. These kinds of toothpaste prevent the formation of dental plaque and reduce pathogens. Propolis is also used as an oral rinse to accelerate the healing of wounds in the mouth and reduces the formation of thrush in the mouth. It has the ability to reduce tooth pain if it is applied like toothpaste to the painful tooth.

It can be used for skin care and skin injuries.

We can say that propolis is mostly used in dermatological products. Propolis was found to be effective in healing wounds and gleets. Propolis is also used as  alternative adjuvant therapy in the fractures of the feet of diabetics.

It is used in oncological therapies.

According to researches, Propolis has the potential to treat cancer cells. It shows selectively toxic feature to tumor cells. It has little or no effect on normal cells.

Used in gynecological diseases.

For women who cannot use antibiotics in gynecological problems, Propolis may be an alternative.

Strong effect against colds.

Propolis is like a steel wall against the common cold because it increases our body resistance. You can get rid of colds through regular use of propolis.

Do not forget!

Not all honey varietiescan be used directly for therapeutic purposes. It is beneficial when used as a supplementary to the treatments.

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