An unusual taste with Buram Honey: Sea bass with honey

Fish products are as healthy as honey products and they are essential parts of our meal tables or kitchens. It may seem a little weird to combine these two tastes in same meal. But as one of the leading honey producers of Europe, Buram Honey Turkey will give you a recipe in which you can use these two healthy products.

We will share with you a delicious sea bass recipe sweetened by natural Buram Honey. Your tables and meals shall be enlightened with this offbeat meal.

Our recipe for sea bass with honey is for four persons.


2 eviscerated sea basses

Enough salt

A small amount of black pepper

Ingredients for rice:

250 grams Baldo rice (full of one water glass)

2 water glass of hot water (twofold of rice)

Enough salt

100-150 grams of unroasted almond

Enough butter

Three sweet spoon of natural honey of Buram Honey

Enough fresh onions

3 pieces of chard


We need to wet our rice before cook the sea bass with Buram Honey. A two-hour period is enough for this. We wet the rice with hot water two hours before the cooking. We also add the salt here to ensure that the salt is processed thoroughly in rice. When we start to cook, we filter our rice.

We cook the filtered rice for 5 minutes in the water we boiled in the pot. Then we filter again the rice we re-cooked and wash it in cold water. We know you care about the image of your food. You need to wash your food with plenty of water for this.

As lay chard leaves on the bottom of a second steam pot. We pour the rice that we have just boiled over the chard leaves. After we close the cover of the steam pot, we can prepare some subsidiary meals. Because we’re going to cook this rice for about 50 minutes in steam pot.

Do not be surprised when you open the steam pot and see that the rice has swollen too much!

Now, lay the basses we prepared on the rice and cook for 15-18 minutes again. We bake our fresh almonds in butter while the fish is being cooked. When the almond is baked, it will turn yellow, so we bake it until it turns yellow. While almonds get very close to yellow color, we add Buram Honey and take it from the fire. The point to note here is that we need to add Buram Honey Turkey in time and if the butter is less, we should prevent the almonds from burning.

We place the remaining chard leaves on the serving plates as the last step for this delicious sea bass with Buram Honey, and we put our rices on top of these leaves and add fresh onions in pieces. Finally, we sour our almonds roasted with Buram Honey on top of it and serve it.

Enjoy your sea bass prepared with Buram Honey! We’ll bet you will never forget this combination of two natural tastes.

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