Escape from white sugar: Most healthy recipes with Buram Honey

Honey, with both with the nutritional value and countless benefits; is a unique source especially for those who want to reduce the consumption of processed white sugar.

Some of the benefits include healing infections, softening the throat, avoiding bacteria, relieving stress, curing anemia, regulating the digestive tract.

Today we are at the corner with healthy and practical recipes prepared with genuine honey of Buram Honey Turkey. Honey, which is an intense taste, will sweeten your recipes when you use a small amount.

Multigrain Bread with Honey


2 cup of whole grain flour,

2 teaspoons of baking soda,

2 tablespoons of oil,

2 tablespoons of Buram Honey,

1 tablespoon of molasses,

1 tablespoon of brown sugar,

1 ¼ cup buttermilk or yogurt


There is nothing as beautiful as the smell of a homemade bread. Mix the listed ingredientsand make dough from them. Add the yogurt slowly to soften the dough. After cooking for 15 minutes in the oven set to 200 degrees, set the temperature to 150 degrees and wait for 10 minutes. When the bread gets golden color, it is ready for service.

Broccoli Salad with Honey and Mustard


500 grams of broccoli,

½ cup of almonds,

1 apple,

¼ cup of parsley,

3 tablespoons of mustard,

2 tablespoons of Buram Honey,

2 tablespoons of olive oil,

2 tablespoons of vinegar,



Although it may seem weird, honey is an ideal flavor to balance the taste of other salads for those who like to especially sweet-to-sour sauces. After the broccoli is cooked enough to maintain this harsh stiffness, chop with the stems. Then mix the almonds, parsley, apples, Buram Honey, mustard and vinegar with the sauce you have prepared. Your salad is ready.

Almond with Honey


2 cup almonds,

2/3 cup honey


If you are looking for a quick snack, this recipe is for you. After mixing the almonds with honey, add a little salt and soak in the pan for about 25 minutes. Do not forget to stir the almonds for preventing burn. Do not hesitate to use spices, especially cinnamon can add a different flavor to this recipe.

Chicken with Honey and Sesame


1 kg boneless deep-fried chicken breast,

1/3 cup of soy sauce,

¼ cup of Buram Honey,

¼ cup of grated tomato,

3 tablespoons of vinegar,

2 cloves of garlic,

1 tablespoon of water,

1 tablespoon of sesame oil,

1 tablespoon of bitter sauce,

2 fresh onions


If you are looking for a healthy, fairly tasty and different flavor, you should try chicken with sesame and honey. Cook the chicken until the it becomes softer; on the other hand, prepare your sauce consisting of soy sauce, Buram honey, tomato sauce, vinegar, garlic, water and sesame oil. After the sauce is ready, stir for a while after added to the chicken. Pick the chicken on a serving plate and decorate it with fresh onions. Bon Appetit.

Live well with Burambal with out compromising on quality!

How toFind Buram Honey?

Do not forget! Not every honey is natural honeyor Buram Honey.

You can buy Buram Honey, which is the first company that comes to mind when it is  asked where to find genuine and natural honey, from here orfind it almost in every market acrossthe Europe where natural honey is sold.

Under thebrand of Buram Honey Turkey; there are many natural honey types and quality honey tastes, such as; Buram Flower Honey, Buram Blossom Honey, Buram Acacia Honey, Buram Royal Jelly, Buram Forest Honey, Buram Pure Bee Honey, Buram Comb Honey, Buram Comb Lath Honey, Buram Linden Honey, Buram Thyme Honey, Buram Chestnut Honey, Buram Black Forest Honey, Buram Honey comb, Buram Pine Honey…

Buram Honey; health from nature…

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