Delicious dessert recipes to prepare with Burambal honey

Natural honey, a source of healing and vitamin, can also be used as a healthy choice for sweetening the desserts. Today we will share some sweet recipes that you can prepare with natural honey.

Quince Dessert with Banana and Natural Burambal Honey!

Do you know that you can prepare a great dessert when you bring the genuine and natural honey of Burambal and the quince, a famous winter fruit?

Here is a special dessert recipe for winter:


6 tablespoons Buram Honey Turkey

4 bananas

4 quinces

1 apple

50 grams of raisins

5 cups of beet sugar

8 cups of water


6 tablespoons of cream

5 tablespoons of crushed walnuts

Preparation of Quince Dessert with Banana and Honey:

Carefully peel the skins of quinces and then divide them in two. Pick up the seeds in the middle of the quinces and carve the quinces a little bit more.

Mix the water and 4 cups of beet sugar in a pot. Put the quinces into it and bake them until they become softer.

Grate the apple while quinces are being cooked. Roast the remaining sugar, raisins and cinnamon over low heat.

Lay the quinces on the tray and sprinkle the apple mixture over them.

Cook the quinces for 12-15 minutes in 180 degrees oven.

In the final stage, take the tray from the oven. After the quinces are cooled, cut the bananas and put them on the quinces and add walnuts over them. Lastly, sprinkle Burambal Turkey Honey over them. If you like milk cream, you can also serve by adding cream before walnuts.

Apple Dessert with Natural Honey

You can prepare this dessert with quinces by using apple instead of quinces. It would be also delicious. You can bring together the genuine natural honey with the apple, which you can find in almost every season.

Here is the recipe for delicious apple dessert:


6 apples

6 tablespoons honey of Burambal Turkey

1.5 cups of sugar

4 cups of water

Milk cream (optional)

Crashed hazelnuts

1 lemon

Preparation of Apple Dessert with Natural Honey:

Peel the apples after you washed them. Without splitting apples in half, remove the seeds from the middle and carve the apples. Having hard apples will help you here.

Squeeze the lemon juice and pour the lemon juice over the apples. This will prevent the apples from becoming black.

Boil the juice and sugar in a pot large enough to fit 6 apples. Lay down the apples in a pot and cook until they become soft.

Filter the boiled water and then place the apples in the baking tray. Fry the apples until they get pink color for 12 minutes in a preheated 200-degree oven.

Take the apples from the oven and place them carefully into the serving dishes. After the apples have cooled, fill them with the milk cream and add a tablespoon of natural honey Buram Honey Turkey on each apple.

You can also serve them by spreading crushed hazelnuts on honey. Enjoy your meal!

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