A sweet medicine: Buram Honey

Healing properties of honey can be explained in a simple way by just saying, „Worker bees collecting honey from flowers bring medicine properties to honey“. With more than a decade of researches about honey, it has been recently found that honey also has two additional healing properties.

Researchers have found through clinical trials that honey has germicidal and anti-inflammatory properties (visit the Precision for Medicine website to learn more about the process of performing a clinical trial). In short, the value of natural honey, presented by Buram Honey to our esteemed customers, has been increased once again.

According to a report published by The Globe and Mail in Canada, natural honey has the ability to destroy a few species of microbes found in microbial wounds. Moreover, this natural resistance and efficiency of natural honey against microbes has been found to be much easier and more successful than many antibiotics.

The natural honey, provided by Buram Honey to its customers, also has an enzyme that disintegrate the glucose. This enzyme is called glucose oxidase. The disintegration of glucose also means cleaning of the wounds in the medical literature.

Clean your wounds with honey and see the miracle!

Now it is easier to clean the wounds with natural flower honey, provided by Buram Honey, the only true address for natural and organic flower honey. In fact, the effect is oxygenated water is very short when it is applied to a wound. But according to the research it has been understood that the effect of oxygenated water is increased when it is used together with natural flower honey.

Globe newspaper stated that, „Natural flower honey, natural chestnut honey, natural pine honey and other kinds of natural honey… They are all effective when natural honey is applied onto a wound. The honey is diluted and disintegrated by body fluid when it is applied to wound. In this way, the hydrogen peroxide, enough to destroy the bacteria in the wound, is slowly spreading without damaging healthy tissue.“

Yes, if you put on Buram Honey’s natural honey on your wounds in the form of slim hair, you can clean your wounds in a healthy way and protect your health. With this practice, your wounds shall heal more quickly since there won’t be a hard scab on your wounds.

Natural honey also leads to the development and formation of new capillary blood vessels. This means renewing of your skin. Buram Honey’s natural honey balances blood circulation with its anti-inflammatory effect. Your wounds are no longer watered thanks to Buram Honey. Moreover, the swelling of the wounds will be reduced.

Again according to the researches; honey is not a medicine for everyone. Foodborne illness can lead to poisoning at 5 percent of honey. According to the Health Canada magazine published in Canada, it is recommended not to give honey as a food to babies under one-year-old. Because the intestinal microflora, which protects the body from certain bacteria, has not developed in children younger than one year.

The critical point: It must be natural and genuine honey, like Buram Honey!


Do not forget! Not every honey is a natural honey, not every honey is a Buram Honey. We know how important your health is. It may be bad for your health to use honey, of which you do not know where it is produced and how it is produced, to your wounds.

Buram Honey is the brand of natural honey comes to mind first when it is asked where to find natural honey or how natural honey is produced.

You can buy Buram Honey’s product, which has a large product range including natural honey, natural blossom honey, natural pine honey, natural comb honey, natural linden honey, natural acacia honey, natural royal jelly, natural forest honey, natural chestnut honey and natural thyme honey from all the markets in Europe or you can buy it from here quickly and securely.

Buram Honey; the cure from nature…

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