A delicious ‘crumpets in thick syrup’ with Burambal!

Towards the end of cold weather, preparations for summer are began. During the summer days, dessert becomes the most consumed food. You cannot have enough of desserts prepared by your mothers.

There is no one who does not like desserts. We all eat them more or less. If they are prepared by Burambal honey, be sure that they are more delicious…

We make a bet…Once you taste the desserts prepared by Burambal, which is known in the Europe and world by its quality, you will not give up again.

A delicious ‘crumpets in thick syrup’ with Burambal!

Now, we will give you a recipe of the delicious flavors of Turkish cuisine. A tasty Ottoman flavor prepared by Burambal sherbet and cream…



1 packet of bread crumpets

5 cups of water


For sherbet:

250 gr Burambal

1 cup of water

Half lemon juice


First, put your crumpets on a pan with wide edges. This wideness is important for it to rise. Then pour 5 cups of previously boiled water over crumpets and cover the pot with a clean kitchen cloth. Wait for 25 minutes and then strain the water when the crumpets become soft. The thing that you must pay attention here is not to leave any water in the crumpets. Even you can suck up the surplus water with the help of a clean cloth.

Secondly, we prepare the sherbet by boiling the Burambal, lemon and enough water. When this blend become more stiff, like a sherbet, pour it over the crumpets we prepared before, ensuring it absorbed the sherbet.

You must be very careful after this step. Then put the pan on the cooker and cook the crumpets by pouring the sherbet you take from the edges with the help of a spoon over your dessert. Continue this way until the breads are colored and absorbed the sherbet. Then transect and divide the crumpet and put on the cream on one of the pieces. After that, close the other piece over the creamed one and sprinkle some granule pistachio or walnut and service it.

As you wish, you can taste your ‘crumpets in thick syrup’ with Burambal by placing some cream on it or without cream at all.

You can cook any dessert you want by using Burambal in its all natural form. It is very easy to get Burambal. You can obtain Burambal from all markets in Europe.

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