Miroculous benefits of Burambal Chestnut Honey

Natural chestnut honey with its aromatic taste and unique minerals is a miracle of nature and most of the organic honey brands and honey wholesalers names it as the most valuable honey. Yes, you will witness the miracle of bees when you hear about the benefits of chestnut honey, especially when you hear the importance of this natural honey together with the cinnamon.

Importance of Chestnut Honey!

Due to various diseases and chestnut cancer, number of chestnut trees in the world are gradually decreasing. This means that if this disease is not prevented we will not only be deprived of eating chestnuts, we will also be deprived of eating organic chestnut honey. It is not easy to reach the chestnut honey which is defined as the most expensive honey by the honey wholesalers. In spite of these difficulties, Buram Honey Turkey, one of the best quality honey brand and honey wholesalers that exports honey to 40 countries in the world, brings the economic chestnut honey to the table for years.

What are the most important features that differentiate chestnut honey from others?

In chestnut forests, bees usually feed on chestnut trees. Buram Chestnut honey is darker in colourand viscous consistence. Natural chestnut honey was found to contain 2 times more iron and 4 times more calcium than flower honey.

What are the benefits of chestnut honey?

It is important to note that none of the honey types is considered as the honey of a bee harvesting a single flower. Bees are so free that they visit every kind of flower. We alreasdy mentioned that number of chestnut trees are decreasing. Each bee colony actually supports the future of chestnut trees. If the bees cannot be fed sufficiently from the chestnut trees, they also feed on flowers, forest plants or linden trees. However, this is considered to be a natural honey chestnut honey since majority of the ingredients come from chestnut tree.

Now here are the benefits of chestnut honey used with cinnamon:

Benefits againstaging: Prepare a drink by adding 4 spoons of Buram Honey chestnut honey, 1 spoon of cinnamon into 3 cups of boiled water. Drink this mixture 4 times a day and get rid of the heat of aging. This drink refreshes your skin and keeps it soft.

Cleans the bladder: Two teaspoons of chestnut honey and some cinnamon can be mixed and consumed regularly for urinary bladder infections.

Benefits against cancer: Regular chestnut honey consumption has been successful against stomach and bone cancers. For such illnesses, a spoonful of chestnut honey and a spoon of cinnamon are mixed and consumed three times a day for a month.

Heart diseases: When you use cinnamon and chestnut honey mixture in breakfasts like a jam, it burns the cholesterol in the arteries and reduces the risk of heart attack. Those who turn this duo into a habit of breakfast will return to normal respiration and their heart rate will increase.

Infertility: If women who suffer from ovarian problems chew the cinnamon and chestnut honey like a gum throughout the day, they will certainly benefit. Cinnamon and chestnut honey are effective in this way with saliva.

Benefits for stomach pains: When used in a regular schedule, Cinnamon and chestnut honey mixture is beneficial for stomach pains, gas problems and stomach ulcers since it balances the stomach.


Benefits against flu and colds: The chestnut honey and cinnamon mixture protects the body against fluin the winter months. This cure should be repeated three times a day. It also provides cleaning of the sinuses.

Helps to lose weight: Chestnuts honey and cinnamon accelerate metabolism and helps to lose weight. It can also be consumed in diet programs.

Everyone knows that natural honey is a source of both taste and healing. Genuine honey is now very easy to obtain. Buram Bal Turkey is a exceptional private company in the world of honey brands.

Buram Honey Turkey exports honey to 40 countries and establish itself a high rank among the European honeyproducers and world best honeywholesalers of the world.

Do not forget! Not all honey varietiescan be used directly for therapeutic purposes. It is beneficial when used as a supplementary to the treatment.

You can buy Buram Honey, which is the first company that comes to mind when it is asked where to find genuine and natural honey, from here or find it almost in every market across the Europe where natural honey is sold.

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Buram Honey; health from nature…

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