Honey 101: Different types of honey

But, how much do we know about honey? It is a wide world that honey open in front of us foe exploring. Honey is so much more than just a sweetener. For some people, it may just any product waiting in the shelves of markets. But when you learned much about the honey, you will be surprised with the deep world of honey. Now, let’s look at what the different types of honey.

Black Forest Honey

You may always wonder what is black forest honey? Black forest honey is an extremely unique type of best honey since it is not made from the nectar of flowers.While it is traditionally and generally produced from trees, it can also be produced from larger species of grasses and plants.

Quality of the black langnese forest honey depends on the production methods. The nutritional value of natural pine honey varies according to the region and the characteristics of the bees. Buram black pine honey is a special type touched by human hand only in the picking up process in the forest. Black pine honey is produced by collection of the honey extracts in the pines by bees when the temperature is highest. Black forest honey price is always high, due to its quality

Black pine top quality honey eases the digestion. What are dark honey health benefits? It balances your blood pressure and it is beneficial to your high blood pressure complaints. With Buram Black Forest Honey, regeneration of cells in your body is accelerated. As it treats wounds, it also prevents inflammation. With pine honey you can get rid of tiredness. Your energy increases with regular consumption.


Flower Honey

Flower honey is first to come to mind when honey is the subject. This is about the story of bees transforming the essence of a thousand flowers into honey. Especially, flower honeys which are produced naturally in high plateaus with flower flora are very beneficialto our health. In fact, it is one of world best honey type and a kind of healing source. Especially when it is produced from rare small flowers,this type of honey is worth the gold.

Flower honeybenefits increase the resistance of your body against urinary tract, strengthens immune system, ease indigestion, relieve stomach aches, and it is good for hair loss, weakness, fatigue, cancer, old age, infertility and heart diseases.


Acacia Honey:

Acacia honey is a very different type of honey with its original smell and taste. Acacia honey produced especially by Buram Honey Turkey has been used for therapeutic purposes for years. Acacia honey is potent and also nutritious. It prevents the growth of microbes in your body. It has also healing properties against wounds. For honey buyers in Germany, obtaining all these benefits, regular consumption of Acacia honey is essential. As for its geographical features, it is known as European honey.

Acacia honey is a rising star of honey family. It has a very light color, and offers a very sweet taste, but it’s not too strong in taste. For this reason, it mostly preferred by people to sweeten their tea.


Chestnut Honey:

With its sharp and bitter taste, chestnut honey is dark brown and thick in comparison to other honeys. You can feel the different taste of chestnut honey with Buram Chestnut Honey. Chestnut honey contains twice more iron than flower honey types. Chestnut honey also has four times more calcium content in comparison to other honey types.

The chestnut honey is also rich in high pollen count. This type of honey that can cause large improvement in immune system function when consumed regularly.


Linden Honey:

This natural honey obtained from linden trees that blossom in June and July. It has a clear consistency and has a linden fragrance. The real linden honey is a complete healing source; softens the veins, appetite, cleans the blood, strengthens the bones, is good for asthma, beneficial to sexual power, regulates sleep.

This special honey, which is one of the best natural honey in the world, is often accepted as one of the most delicious type of honey in the planet. Buram Linden honey provides light sweet taste combined with almost balsamic minty. It has a light amber color with medium thickness of viscosity.

The antibacterial properties of the linden tree are transferred directly into this delicious linden honey, thanks to bees.


You can buy Buram Honey, which is the first company that comes to mind when it is asked where to find genuine and natural honey, from here or find it almost in every market across the Europe where natural honey is sold.

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