You don’t need coffee anymore to wake up in the morning. Try honey..!

The cold weather started with autumn and the value of natural honey rose once again.
Even Crystal Davis understands the value of water with honey, which is prepared by genuine honey by our mothers… Crystal Davis tells us in his post published by Bright Side that every morning in the summer days he drank water with honey and lemon.

You don’t need to drink coffee to wake up in the mornings!

Crystal Davis tells sincerely that when he gets flu, he drinks beverages containing honey and lemon. Here is an interesting detail that we also want to mention. Yes, Davis has not seen any benefit from these ready-made drinks. Instead, it started to mix natural honey with freshly squeezed lemon juice and achieved positive results.
But the important point here is that he used genuine honey in his beverages.
So, if you need a healthy beverage to be prepared by honey, you need genuine and natural honey. And Buram Honey, as being an only source for natural and quality honey, provides you the natural and genuine honey from nature, such as; acacia honey, chestnut honey, linden honey, thyme honey, black forest honey, pine honey, comb honey, flower and blossom honey.
You can also change your life like Crystal Davis by preparing a beverage by mixing lemon and natural Buram honey.

What are the benefits of natural honey?

1. You can get rid of your aches by bringing natural Buram Honey and to lemon juice together.

2. This healing source will also end your foul breath.

3. Natural honey also cleans the occlusion in the chest.

4. Natural honey removes constipation.

5. Natural honey is an energy source. Moreover, it is low calorie.

6. Your digestive system is strengthened by natural honey of Buram Honey.

7. Natural honey creates a detox effect on the body.

8. Natural honey cleans the intestines.

9. Natural honey fights against the infections.

10. Burambal Honey is a natural diuretic.

11. Natural honey strengthens the immune system.

12. Natural honey stabilizes the Ph balance of the body.

13. Natural honey accelerates the metabolism.

14. Natural Honey clears throat infections.

15. Natural Honey helps to lose weight.

16. Natural Honey cleans the infections in the urinary tract.

17. Natural Honey helps you to get a shiny skin.

So, as you see there are too many benefits of beverage prepared with lemon and Burambal honey.
Now, here is the recipe for this beverage


Fresh lemon…
One spoon of Burambal Honey …


Pour one spoon of Burambal Honey into the fresh squeezed lemon juice. We boil some water, and when it gets warmer, we add it to the mixture of lemon and honey. You can add more lemon or honey, depending on your desires.
You will experience the benefits of this beverage when you drink it fresh in the mornings before breakfast.
If you want to get natural and genuine honey types, such as; acacia honey, chestnut honey, linden honey, thyme honey, black forest honey, pine honey, comb honey, flower and blossom honey, you can buy them from every market in the Europe or you can buy it securely from our website.

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