A sweet medicine: Buram Honey Turkey

Healing properties of honey can be explained in a simple just way by saying,“ Worker bees who collect honey from flowers bring honey some medicine properties.“ Two more new healing features of honey have been identified through researches that have been carrying out for years. It is very clear that the value of Buram Honey has once again increased when the researchers found that honey was a germicidal and anti-inflammatory feature.

According to a report published in The Globe and Mail in Canada; it has been discovered that in infected wounds honey can defeat some kind of microbes. Moreover, this affection of honey over microbial ejaculation is much easier and more successful than most antibiotics.

Buram Honey, which a natural and genuine honey, has an enzyme that breaks down glucose. This enzyme is called glucose oxidase. This breaking down means cleaning of some kind of wounds. It is easy to clean the wound with the oxygenated water found in Buram Honey Turkey, that is the only true address for natural and organic flower honey. Actually, the effect is very short when you apply oxygenated water to a wound. But when it is used with natural flower honey, it is revealed that the effect is much more increased.

According to the Globe, „When natural honey types such as flower honey, chestnut honey, pine honey and etc. are applied onto a wound, honey is diluted and disintegrated by body heat. In this way, sufficient amount of hydrogen peroxide to dissolve the bacteria in the air is slowly released without damaging the healthy tissue.

Yes, you can protect your health by cleansing your wounds by applying natural and genuine honey types of Buram Honey Turkey onto the wounds. With this practice, it will be easier for your wound to heal because a hard scab will not form in your body.

Natural honey provides new capillary blood vessels to develop and form. This means renewing of your skin. Natural honey types of Buram Honey balance the blood circulation with their anti-inflammatory effect. Your wounds are no longer irrigated thanks to Buram Honey. And even your swelling will decrease.

Again according to the researches; honey is not a drug for everyone. Some illnesses which can lead to poisoning can be found at 5 percent of honey, for some people. According to the Health Canada magazine published in Canada, it is recommended to avoid giving honey to children under one-year-old. Because the intestinal micro flora that protects children from some bacteria has not developed for that ages.

Do not forget! Not every honey is natural honey or Buram Honey. We know how important your health is. It may be bad for your health to use honey that you do not know where it comes from and how they are produced.

You can buy Buram Honey, which is the first company that comes to mind when it is asked where to find genuine and natural honey, from here or find almost in every market across the Europe Where natural honey is sold.

Under the brand of Buram Honey Turkey; there are many natural honey types and quality honey tastes, such as; Buram Flower Honey, Buram Blossom Honey, Buram Acacia Honey, Buram Royal Jelly, Buram Forest Honey, Buram Pure Bee Honey, Buram Comb Honey, Buram Comb Lath Honey, Buram Linden Honey, Buram Thyme Honey, Buram Chestnut Honey, Buram Black Forest Honey, Buram Honeycomb, Buram Pine Honey…

Buram Honey; health from nature…

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