A delicious peanut recipe with Buram Honey

The most delicious healing source that nature offers to us is honey… Wherever or whenever its name is mentioned, the first thing to come to mind is its healing feature. It is the best food that sweetens our food, our tea and desserts… Today we will give you a practical and interesting snack flavor made with genuine Buramhoney.

You can even consume this snack while you are on diet. Because honeyis in a group of rare foods that are not even junk food but are also delicious and healing.

Our meal tables are more delicious thanks to honey, which we never miss in out kitchens. Everyone knows to eat honey when they are sick, even if it is not on the prescription.

Yes, today we will give a nice snack recipe with BuramHoney Turkey, the first address of natural honey and genuine honey. As we said before, this is definitely not a junk food. It’s as curative as it is delicious …

Who doesn’t want to enjoy taste while having treatment?

Peanut with Honey and Spice

“It has too much calories, but never makes you fat” is often said for peanut. It is rich in energy and calories, but with the calories it provides, it provides much more energy than weight gain for the human body. An incredible taste comes out when you combine tha honey with peanut, which we can eat in summer and also winter.

Now let’s give this crispy snack recipe without keeping you wait more longer:


400 gram of salt-free peanuts

4 tablespoons of sesame seeds

6 tablespoons ofBuramHoney

Some spice

Cinnamon in small quantities


First we clean the unroasted peanuts. Here, peanuts are not divided into two because they are not roasted. We still have to pay attention for not break them in half.

Now, its time to roast these peanuts … We put peanuts with sesame seeds into teflonpot. Here we mix peanut and sesame with cinnamon with any spice we desired. We roastthem about ten to twelve minutes at medium heat

When cinnamon and spices mix well with each other, then we add genuinehoney Buram Honey Turkey and cook them until they get light orange color. This cooking takes about 5 minutes.

We take the peanuts over heat, and we lay down the peanuts, which are well mixed with Buram Honey Turkey, on an oiled paper.You can use these naturel snacks with honey and sesame seeds, which we keep waited for a while to cool down, as a snack at any time of day and you can enjoy it with your guests.

The first product you should have in your kitchen for these beautiful recipes is natural honey Buram Honey Turkey. Remember, not every honey is a genuine honey.

You can order Buram Natural Honey safely from here or you can buy it from many markets across the Europe.

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