Buram Black Forest Honey 1000g

Buram Black Forest Honey 1000g


Dive into the incomparable taste experience crafted by diligent bees and the fascinating variety of flowers from the unique soils of Anatolia. Here, in this breathtaking region, amidst picturesque landscapes and majestic mountains, thrives an exceptional selection of plants that indulge our honey with truly delicious delight.

The harmonious relationship between bees and blooming flowers gives rise to a honey-like masterpiece that captivates the senses. Bees diligently fly from flower to flower, gathering sweet nectar and transforming it with their unique alchemical magic into the delicious honey we cherish today.

The diverse flora of Anatolia gives our black forest honey a unique spectrum of exquisite tastes. For years, our black forest honey has been appreciated worldwide for its exceptional taste. People not only love its incomparable taste but also the craftsmanship in every jar.

Please note that honey is not suitable for babies under 12 months. The expiration date can be found on the jar.

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Weight 210 g


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