What Is Royal Jelly? How Is Royal Jelly Produced?

According to the research; The royal jelly, which has the most valuable nutrients of the Earth, is a very special substance that the worker bees secrete in the pharynx to feed the queen bee. This milk consists of enzymes, honey extracts and millions of flower essences carried by honey bees. Its consistency is dark yellow and white. It tastes sour and has a sharp smell. It contains all the vitamins, minerals and ingredients found in nature. There are still many researches continuing on royal jelly, which is a miraculous food.

The Buram Royal Jelly, the natural product of Buram Honey Turkey, is the rightest and rational choice for you.

What Is Royal Jelly?

Royal jelly is a special product produced by worker bees for the Queen Bee. Although its contents are scientifically explained, honey is a miracle in its full sense.

Bee milk is like a mineral store and contains plenty of vitamin B. As you may know, the human body cannot produce 8 basic amino acids. There are exactly 17 amino acids in royal jelly.

It is believed in the traditional Chinese medicine that royal jelly prolongs the life of people, helps to prevent diseases and to restore youth. Due to its popularity in the country, China is one of the largest producers of royal jelly. Buram Royal Jelly is obtained directly from Honeycombs by taking precautions to protect the natural nature of royal in hygienic environments.

Benefits of Royal Jelly

1-Royal jelly is useful in controlling blood pressure.

A lot of research has been conducted on this subject. Natural royal jelly is directly effective in regulating blood pressure levels thanks to the proteins it contains.

2- Royal jelly is useful for cholesterol.

“Bad” cholesterol levels can be significantly reduced if royal jelly is included in the diet.

3- Royal jelly can also be used for the treatment of healthy sperm and eggs.

Regular use of natural royal jelly helps for the production of healthy sperms in men and healthy and regular ovulation in women.

4 – Royal jelly contains antioxidant.

Royal jelly can be used in conjunction with treatment in the fight against cancer cells by means of antioxidants found in its contents.

5- It is beneficial against inflammations.

Royal jelly is helpful for healing of the wounds when applied locally to inflamed areas.

6- Royal jelly keeps your body fit.

The antioxidants found in royal jelly keep your body healthy by eliminating free radicals that cause premature aging and by preventing certain chronic diseases.

7- Royal jelly contains ingredients that facilitate digestion.

Royal jelly, which increases liver function by reducing cholesterol, can help to lose weight by facilitating healthy digestion.

8- Royal jelly strengthens metabolism:

Royal jelly is rich in amino acids. That’s why it balances metabolism. It is helpful for hardening of the bones.

Buram Honey Turkey, which exports honey to 40 countries in Europe, is an important brand among the natural royal jelly producers of the world.

Do not use royal jelly or honey directly or solely as a medicine! Although they are healthy products natural royal jelly and natural honey products should not be used as a medicine.

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