Hot drinks prepared with Buram honey for cold winter days!

If someone asked “What is the best food for winter?”, almost hundred percent of the respondents would give the true answer. Yes, it is honey.

Honey is probably the most consumed or in demand food in cold days. Many of us consume honey varieties after we become ill for healing, but the miracle of honey is more efficient if you take it before you get ill.

As we drink hot beverages rather than col ones in winter days, now we will share some recipes for hot drink prepared with world best honey products of Burambal Honey Turkey. There are too many flower honey benefits and thanks to hot drinks you prepare with top quality honey, you can both rejoice in taste and dark honey benefits.

Here are recipes:

Linden tea with natural honey and cinnamon!

Linden is the indispensable drink of winter. You can prepare a healthy hot linden drink just by adding best German honey and cinnamon into it. This drink is easy to prepare and very useful for colds.

We keep the linden in warm water for five minutes. Then we add one teaspoon of cinnamon and one coffee spoon of Burambal organic forest honey in a cup and then pour the linden. You can always enjoy this taste, either before you get cold or after you get cold. You can also release from your stress just by drinking linden tea offered with honey.

Hot lemonade with ginger and natural honey!

Even if it is more often known as a spice, ginger was used as a medicinal plant for many health problems in the past. When you bring ginger with natural honey and lemon, it becomes a delicious and healing drink in cold days.

For this, you need 1 teaspoon of ginger, 6 tablespoons of mountain forest honey, 4 pieces of lemon, fresh mint and 5 cups of warm water.

In order to prepare our drink, we peel our lemons in such a way that there are no white parts remained. Then we thoroughly decompose our natural honey Buram Honey, mint leaves and lemon shells together in a blender. We add lemon juice to our mix of ginger and add it into blender. After waiting for twenty minutes, we filterthe mixture. Finally, we mix and serve it with warm water.

This hot lemonade prepared with natural honey is very rich in vitamin C and can be consumed on a daily basis in cold days. It is a complete healing source for people who are prone to get colds. This drink increases the body’s resistance while eliminating fragility of our immune system. It will also be useful in your recovery.

Hot apple juice with natural honey!

For this wonderful recipe, you need 1 kilogram of apple, 2 small tangerines, 2 pieces of cinnamon stick, some cloves, 6 tablespoons of organic Buram Honey and 6 cups of water.

Firstly, peel and slice apples and mandarins. Put all of them in a pot and add cinnamon and clove. Pour some natural Buramhoney on it. Put the water in the pot. If it is not enough, you can add more water into the pot to cover the fruits. Then put the pot on the stove and boil it at high heat. After boiling, open the lid with a low heat for a further 45 minutes. When the color of the mixture turns amber, cool the mixture and filter with cheesecloth. Here you can also extract the juice of fruits with the help of spoon.

Our warm apple juice with genuine honey is ready to serve. You can serve it hot. Enjoy your drink!

Everyone knows that natural honey is a source of both taste and healing. Genuine honey is now very easy to obtain. Buram Bal Turkey is aexceptional private company in the world of honey brands.

Buram Honey Turkey exports honey to 36 countries and establish itself a high rank among the European honey producers and world best honey wholesalers of the world.

Do not forget! Not all honey varieties can be used directly for therapeutic purposes. It is beneficial when used as a supplementary to the treatment.

You can buy Buram Honey, which is the first company that comes to mind when it is asked where to find genuine and natural honey, from here or find it almost in every market across the Europe where natural honey is sold.

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Buram Honey; health from nature…

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