Delicious summer sherbets with Buram Honey

We know that youare looking for a healthy drink for your children. Since you do not know the content of concentrated juices, it is hard to find a heathy beverage for your children. Now we will give you the recipe for healthy sherbetsprepared with Buram Honey, which is a refreshing feature in hot summer days.

Melon Sherbet with Buram Honey

Melon is the most consumed fruits of hot summer days. Now you can combine the taste of this delicious summer fruit with the natural and delicious taste of honey. It’s easy to make a melon sherbet together with the natural honey types of Buram Black Forest Honey.

Ingredients for sherbet prepared by melon and Buram Honey:

125 gr genuine Buram Honey

300 gr melon

1 teaspoon of sugar syrup

1 lemon juice

1 tea spoon of ginger

2 liters of water

2 branches of bay leaf


Preparing this unique flavor is very easy. First we put the melon in a bowl with the water and mix them with blender until the melon is thoroughly crushed. After this process we add the bay leaf, ginger, sugar syrup and lemon juice. Then we boil it on owen without fouling too much.

Once it is boiled, we leave the mixture to cool down for a while. After this syrup that we have prepared is cooled to 40 degrees we add Buram Honey’s quality honey. After it has cooled down, we filter the sherbet through a cheesecloth. You can serve it by adding someas much as you want.

Forest Fruit Sherbet with Buram Honey

Forest fruits, which have been popular in recent years, are always can be found in our homes. We want to give you a sherbet recipe prepared with Buram Honey to cool down in the overwhelming heat of summer.

Ingredients for recipe:

Half a cup of fresh blueberries

Half a cup of fresh raspberries

Half a cup of fresh blackberries

200 grams of Buram Black Forest Honey

1 liter of water

5-6 mint leaves


After we have washed the fruit so that they are not crushed, we filter the water with the aid of a strainer. Then we put the fruits into a large pot. We add water and quality and natural honey of Buram Honey Turkey and then boil them.

After it is boiled, we continue to cook it for more 10 minutes. A boiling of not more than 40 degrees is sufficient. After this sherbet is cooled down, we put it in the blender and make it serviceable by mixing.

Ice and mint can be added as your wish and your sherbet prepared with Buram Honey can be served with pleasure.

On these hot summer days, you can also make different sherbets prepared with quality and natural honey types of Buram Honey, whose quality and tasteare approved by everyone.

Live well with Burambal without compromising on quality!

How to Find Buram Honey?

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