Burambal products as a source for your health

The bees are extremely important for the continuation of the human race. The benefit of bees to global economy, thanks to pollination of plants by bee, is worth about 300 billion euros a year.

As you can see, the benefits of bees to human beings are not only based on the food they produced. In today’s post we will talk about four healing resources that the bees directly produced; honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis…

Burambal, as an important honey producer in Europe and in the world, continues to bring these four foods to the table in their all natural forms.

Now let’s briefly look at the 4 main products that the bees have miraculously produced.


Honey is naturally the most consumed and appreciated bee product. Bees collect the nectars from flowers and plants like pines and then fill them to combs in the bee hives.

This is actually a natural honey within its pure form. Burambal takes a hundred percent natural blossom honey, pine honey, chestnut honey, thyme honey, acacia honey, lime honey from professional beekeepers who are also trained by Burambal, and deliver them in their pure form to consumers


Pollen is the most well-known and consumed healing resource after honey. It is used for nutritional supplement. Bees can collect pollen from all plants. When they visit the flowers, they collect the pollens of the flowers by their feet and round them. Then they came to their hives with the pollens they gathered on their back feet and place them in the holes of raised combs. This pollen, which is obtained by putting a trap in front of the hive, has different colours according to the flower season.

Because the pollen produced by Burambal is collected from the hives and dried naturally, there is no loss of protein in pollen. Burambal, which is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, strengthens the immune system and increases mental capacity. Protein powders can be an easy way to increase your intake of protein. They can be especially useful for athletes as well as those having difficulty meeting their protein needs from food sources alone. Here you can find vegan protein powder amazon a healthy option of protein powders.


Propolis is another important bee product. It is also known as bee glue. Bees collect resins from different plants and use them as occlusive material to protect themselves from bacteria and fungi.

Burambal packs clean propolis originally collected on the grid and delivers it to the consumers. Burambal propolis, which strengthens the immune system and has anti-inflammatory effect, is also a natural antibiotic.

It has gained importance by being an excellent natural product in terms of containing 22 components to be taken for human health. You can also have this healthy and tasty product with Burambal quality and taste.


Royal jelly is the most precious product produced by the bees. It is a source of health produced by young worker bees and can only eaten by the queen bee. The queen bee lives 50 times longer thanks to royal jelly.

Royal jelly, which is used in the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics, is a source of natural healing for infections caused by viruses. You can now consume royal jelly with peace on mind thanks to Burambal 500 gr royal jelly packs.

If you want to get these four healing resources of Burambal, you can order through the website of Burambal or you can buy them from all the markets across the Europe.

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